Free People Search Tips

free people search should start close to home. Often overlooked, the local telephone directory can often be helpful in locating people. If the people you are searching for are not in your local area, a free people finder on the internet is a good starting point. A free people search is often very easy if you are sure to check the most obvious and easiest places first.

Contact family, friends, and neighbors of the people you are looking for. Call and ask for them there like you expect them to be there. Generally, a more honest response can be obtained this way. If they are not there, continue your free people search by asking if they, or anyone else in the house, know how to get in touch with the individual.

Call the Department of Motor Vehicles and ask to have a name search ran. Amazingly, this can be one of your best options when doing a free people search. Some states permit this type of search but others do not. Be sure to contact the Department of Motor Vehicles for the state you a looking for the person in. If you have the subject’s license plate number, they can also trace his vehicle. For a complete listing of Drivers License Bureaus for each state: Click Here

The next step in a free people search is to contact the subject’s employer. Call the employer and ask to speak to the subject. If the person is no longer working there, act surprised and ask where they presently work and how to get in touch with them.

A Criss Cross Directory, which can be found at most city or county libraries, is a good place to continue your free people search. A Criss Cross directory contains a list of telephone numbers listed in numerical order showing who the number is listed to and their address. It costs nothing, and the library assistant should be able to help you if you ask. Even if you do not find the listing you are looking for, you may find leads or obtain information about neighbors, landlords or apartment managers that you can use as contact information. This can give you more telephone leads to call and question saving you alot of time.

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