How To Find People For Free

find people for free online

Preparing to find people for free online

Finding people for free on the Internet is easier than most people think. You can find people all kinds of ways on websites like Facebook. Sometimes you will find people for free by looking through images or profiles. Sometimes you can find people by searching by name. The key to finding people for free on the Internet is the same as finding people in real life: patience. It’s easier to find someone, sure, but it’s not necessarily a breeze. It’s a process. Before beginning your search, it is helpful to make a list of all the information you already have about the person. Even small, seemingly insignificant details can be useful in establishing their location.

What you need to get started

Some of the top pieces of information to use for your search are:

  • Name (including any other names they have used)
  • Date of birth or approximate age
  • Place of birth
  • Details about friends and relatives
  • High schools or colleges they attended
  • Previous partners
  • Previous employers
  • Property or vehicle ownership
  • Any criminal convictions
  • Social media profiles, hobbies or social clubs

If you share any mutual friends or business acquaintances, see if they remember any crucial details you may have forgotten. It’s also important to think about why this person may not want to be found, and whether or not they’ll be okay with hearing from you.

First, don’t expect to find everything you’re looking for in one place. In fact, you’ll need to use several sources to find people for free. Even if some of the information you find on different websites is the same, don’t be discouraged. Each website may offer an additional piece of information. Only focus on the new parts of the puzzle and write down any new information you discover. Each piece of information you’re able to discover about the person you’re searching for is one more piece of the puzzle. It’s how you learn more about the person and how you continue to search for them.

In fact, the more you find out about them, the better. If you’re not organized, you could easily miss something important. For example, if you’re searching for someone and you discover that their middle name is Rose, you can search for Rose and you’ve got another option to find them. Keep a notebook or computer file specifically for this purpose. Track the names, ages and birthdays of the people you’ve found. You may even want to keep the contact information for these people. Keep a list of numbers, addresses and websites so you can easily find them again.

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