The Internet has literally put a phone book in everyone’s pocket, and you can use it to find people, conduct background checks, and find all sorts of useful information. We provide tips and tutorials to find people and to help you discover how to conduct an effective people search, background check, or most any other type of investigation you would ever want to do on the internet. All the tips and tutorials are free of charge so be sure to check them all out!

Many of our competitors offer background check or people search services requiring a fee. However, please remember that the information obtained from these third-party companies is not always accurate. People may have the same or similar names. Other companies may provide partial information which may be difficult to verify. Also, skip tracing, as the pros call it, can get expensive quickly if you need to find many people or want to conduct a background check on several prospective new hires, for instance. But don’t worry. What they don’t tell you is that almost anyone can perform a simple free background check or people search and never even leave the comfort of their own home.

So if a background check or people search is what you need, be sure to take a look at our sections titled “Free People Search Tips” and “Free Background Check Tutorial”. These sections will get you started by identifying some of the information you will need when conducting a free investigation. After you have looked over our tips, check out our tutorials for more in-depth details on how to proceed.